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Sucralose98% Powder

Basic introduction editor
Sweetness: 600-650 times as much as sucrose
Chinese Name: three sucralose
Chinese aliases: sucralase; sucrose crystal; three chlorose galactose.
English Name: Sucralose
CAS: 56038-13-2

Molecular formula: C12H19Cl3O8

Molecular weight: 397.64

Basic introduction editor
Sweetness: 600-650 times as much as sucrose

Chinese Name: three sucralose

Chinese aliases: sucralase; sucrose crystal; three chlorose galactose.

English Name: Sucralose

English synonyms: 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-beta-d-fructofuranosyl4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-d-gala; 4,1 ', 6' -trichloro-4,1 ', 6' -trideoxy-galacto-sucrose; alpha-D-GALACOTOPYRANOSIDE; 1,6-Dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-beta-D-fructofuranosyl4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-D-galactose; SUCRALOSE

CAS: 56038-13-2

Molecular formula: C12H19Cl3O8

Molecular weight: 397.64

Chemical name: 4, 1', 6', - three chlorine -4, 1', 6', - three deoxy galactose type sucrose.

For the past 20 years, three sucralose has been subjected to a strict and extensive safety assessment. Safety data obtained from more than 100 scientific research reports indicate that the edible sucralose sweetener is safe and reliable. The environmental research report further confirms that sucralose sweeteners have no harm to both fish and aquatic organisms, and can be biodegradable.

It has been used as a tracer to determine the permeability of the colon. Its sensitivity and specificity remain to be further studied.

Main feature editing
Compared with other sweeteners, it has many unparalleled advantages:

The high sweetness, is 600-650 times that of sugar

Guchi Mijung, without any odor or bitterness, the sweet feature curve overlaps almost with sucrose, which is incomparable to any other sweetener.

Safety, the absolute value of 15mg/kg, ADI, there is no toxicological aspects of security questions.

The calorific value is very low (= 0), does not cause obesity, for diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients and the elderly.

Do not cause blood sugar fluctuations for diabetics.

The cause of dental caries, beneficial to dental health.

But it has solubility and stability, good acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, long shelf life. Can be the food of sweet from acidic to neutral, dilute the effect of sour and salty; a masking effect of astringency, bitterness, taste, unpleasant taste; have synergistic effect on the flavor, milk flavor, has a wide range of applications.

Therefore, the product is the most powerful sweetener nowadays, and it can be used for children, adolescents, young people, middle-aged, elderly and various kinds of diseases, without any nutritional questions.

Main use editor
The sweetness of three sucralose is pure and sweet, which is very similar to the quality of sweetness and sucrose. It is very stable in the process of food processing and storage, and is suitable for various food processing. 

1) three sucralose is widely used in beverages, chewing gum, dairy products, preserves, syrup, bread, cakes, ice cream, jam, jelly, Boudin and other foods.

2) high temperature processing technology, such as baking pastry, high temperature sterilization, spray drying, extrusion and other food processing technology;

3) fermented food;

4) obese disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in patients with the use of health food and medicine of low sugar products;

5) the production of canned fruit and candied fruit;

6) fast filling beverage production line.

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