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Stevioside Extract95%98%Powder

Basic Info
Model NO.: RA series
Nutritional Value: Non-nutritional Type
Resource: Natural
Sweetness: 200-450 Times of Cane Sugar
Appearance: Fine Powder
Calorie: 1/300 of Cane Sugar
Application: Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical
Transport Package: foil bag or paper barrel
Origin: changsha, China
Type: Stevia
Effect: Natural Sweetener
Product Name: food-grade  98%
Test Method: HPLC

Basic Info
Model NO.: RA series
Nutritional Value: Non-nutritional Type
Resource: Natural
Sweetness: 200-450 Times of Cane Sugar
Appearance: Fine Powder
Calorie: 1/300 of Cane Sugar
Application: Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical
Transport Package: foil bag or paper barrel
Origin: changsha, China
Type: Stevia
Effect: Natural Sweetener
Product Name: food-grade  98%
Test Method: HPLC
Color: White Color
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol
Storage: Cool and Dry Place
Trademark: Siyuan stevia
Specification: White power
HS Code: 2938909090


As a kind of plant no calorie sweeteners stevioside, for those who are balancing their healthy lifestyle and weight management plan for a pure natural non caloric sweetened alternatives to consumers, is a perfect opportunity to hitherto unknown.

1. security is high. The residents of stevioside origin (Paraguay, Maxi and other places in South America) have been eaten for hundreds of years and have not been found to have any poison.

The low calorific value. It is used to produce low calorie food and beverage. It is very suitable for patients with diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis.

3 stevioside soluble in water and alcohol, and sucrose, fructose, isomerized sugar, mix taste better.

The stevioside is a non fermenting material, stable property, easy to mildew, no change in the food and beverage production, but also easy storage and transportation. Long term consumption does not cause dental caries.

The stevioside taste like sugar, have a unique cool, sweet features. It can be used to make flavor food, candy and so on. It can also be used as a flavoring agent. Suppression of certain foods, drugs smell, smell, instead of sugar for the pharmaceutical production, syrup, granule, pill. It can also be used in seasoning, pickles, toothpaste, cosmetics and cigarettes.

6. stability, under the usual food and beverage processing conditions, the nature of stevioside is quite stable, which is conducive to reduce viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth and extend shelf life of products.

The stability of acid, alkali, heat.

Under the condition of PH3 (Shi Wen), there is no decomposition loss and no precipitation for 180 days.

Heated to 100 degrees in the range of PH3-9, without any change for 1 hours

The light stability. Whether it is powdery or solution, it is very stable to the sun.

The nonfermented. Long term storage will not be mouldy, and the finished product is browning without sucrose after heat treatment.

Stevia Technical Data:

IndexSpecificationTotal steviol glycosides %Reb-A %ST %RC %Sweetness
TSG series

stevia 95%≥95≥50≥35 ≤5300
stevia 90%≥90≥25≥55≤5280
stevia 85%≥85≥20≥40≥7250
stevia 80%≥80≥15≥45≥8220
 RA product

Reb-A 99%≥99≥99≤0.5≤0.5450
Reb-A 98%≥99≥98≤0.5≤0.5440
Reb-A 97%≥99 ≥97≤1≤0.5420 
Reb-A 95% ≥98 ≥95≤3≤1400 
Reb-A 90%  ≥95≥90≤5≤1380
Reb-A 80%≥95≥80≤10≤1360
Reb-A 60%≥90≥60≤25≤8320
Reb-A 50%≥90≥50≤30≤8300


Enzymatically Modified Stevia

Enzymatically modified stevia 95%180
Enzymatically modified stevia 90%160
Enzymatically modified stevia 85%140


Stevia granule

7 tims sweeter7
can be produced according to customer ordersother
Stevia tablets

60 times sweeter60
70 times sweeter70
can be produced according to customer ordersother

External packaging: Corrugated carton or drum
Inner packaging: Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag(food grade

Product development
As a new kind of sweetener, stevioside can be widely used in various kinds of food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical industry. It can be said that almost all sugar products can be used in almost all chemical synthetic sweeteners such as steviodies instead of some sucrose or all of them instead of saccharin. Thousands of products will be developed, and the following are listed as follows:


The tea made from Stevia leaves or directly mixed with other raw materials is effective for lowering blood sugar, improving stomach digestion, sobering up and eliminating fatigue, and for obesity, hypertension and dental caries. The domestic market such as hypoglycemic tea (Kang Ningcha), Ninghong slimming tea, oolong tea, pearl jujube, safflower, containing Stevia ingredients, some of which have been sold to foreign markets.


Soda, orange juice, all kinds of juice, ice cream and so on.

3.A snack

Stevia Kangle, chrysanthemum moon cake, biscuit, and so on, become nutrition, health care, and children, the elderly special needs of food.


Canned fruits, such as sugar, bayberry, orange, hawthorn, longan, etc., such as aquatic products and canned meat, such as stevioside, not only play a seasoning function, but also play a role in anti-corrosion, extending shelf life.

5.Pickled category

Salted with Stevia and pickled vegetables such as radish and pickles, the fresh-keeping period is long, clear and tasty, and not rotten. Aquatic products: the addition of stevioside can prevent the deterioration of aquatic products protein, and reduce the cost while improving the flavor of aquatic products. Such as canned fish, kelp, etc.

6.Preserved fruit cake

Such as: the application of stevioside preserved plum, not only sweet and refreshing taste.


Use of stevioside join such as Cili, sea buckthorn, grape wine and liquor, spicy wine can reduce the sense of improving the flavor. It can also increase beer foam, white and lasting.

8.Meat dish

With the addition of stevioside in sausage, ham sausage, and bacon, the flavour can be improved and the shelf life can be prolonged.

9.chemical products for daily use

The addition of stevioside to gum and toothpaste can not only promote the sweetness of the products, but also reduce the proliferation of oral harmful bacteria and reduce the occurrence of dental caries. Stevioside has been used in various toothpaste, chewing gum and cosmetics.


In 1992, the Ministry of Health approved stevioside can be used in medicine. Many products have been developed, such as orange VC, diabetes throat tablets, pediatric cotrimoxazole, cough syrup, zinc gluconate oral liquid.


As many kinds of seeds, a seed, stevia, cigarettes, milk and so on stevia.

Extraction process

The extraction of stevioside by Stevia leaf do soaked in water, filtering the liquid from the leaf and stem separation, further use of water or food grade alcohol purification method completely traditional plant extracts. In order to get a daily edible but pure natural does not affect blood sugar levels and sweet sweetened: stevioside.

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