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Alpha Cyclodextrin HPLC 99% Powder Food grade/Pharmaceutical Grade

Product name:Alpha cyclodextrin
CAS NO. :10016-20-3
Grade:Food grade
Moisture: ≤11%
Molecular weight:972.85
Reducing substances:≤0.5%
Melting point :264ºC
Batch No.:DNR0912
Product nameAlpha cyclodextrin
CAS NO.10016-20-3
GradeFood grade
Molecular weight972.85
Reducing substances≤0.5%
Melting point 264ºC

1. Low viscosity, no other peculiar smell
General technical performance of dietary fiber has often appeared some problems, that is high viscosity, bad stability, and the taste of unpopular problems, these problems are often limits the dietary fiber ingredients to add. While with coming of Alpha-Cyclodextrin , solves the above problems. You won't get liquid which is not clear, Liquid will be a colorless, odorless, and it has a low viscosity, no other peculiar smell.
2. Derived from natural
Alpha-Cyclodextrin  is a kind of from natural starch by enzymatic production of six D - pyran ring composed of glucose units oligosaccharides.
3. High stability
in hot or acidic conditions, common water soluble dietary fiber is usually unstable, Alpha-Cyclodextrin  in the stability of the high temperature
100-212°C, and PH in 2.4 under the condition of no signs of degradation.

Food Grade alpha cyclodextrin 99% powder
Alpha-Cyclodextrin,Alpha Cyclodextrin,Cyclodextrin powder 10016-20-3
Alpha-cyclodextrin is a non-reducing cyclic saccharide comprised of six glucose units linked by alpha-1.4 bonds. It is produced by the action of cyclodextrin glucosyl transferase on hydrolysed starch syrups. The cavity of alpha-cyclodextrin is less than beta-cyclodextrin, so it is used to allow formation of inclusion complexes with little molecules. The solubility degree of Alpha-cyclodextrin in water is 14.5 g/100ml @ 25°C, so the situation that needs high solubility of cyclodextrin.


It is widely used in the drugs, food, flavor and cosmetics. Alpha-cyclodextrin is also widely used in the field of pesticide and adjusting the metabolization of the crop and increasing the quantity of the crop. Especially the cyclodextrin and its ramification which developed by these years, some of them are the important solutizer, stablizer, releaser or the assist materials of the Entericcoated drugs,some of them are the materials of organic synthetical macromolecular stuff.


Alpha cyclodextrin is a carrier and stabilizer for flavors, colors, and sweeteners;

Alpha cyclodextrin is absorbent for suppression of undesirable flavors and odors in foods;

Alpha cyclodextrin is an absorbent for suppression of halitosis (in breath-freshening preparations);

Alpha cyclodextrin is a water- solubilizer for fatty acids and vitamins.

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