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There are many causes of acne – bacteria, hormones, and many other conditions. However, whenever it comes to its treatment, every smart skin specialist looks up to antioxidants. The strange part is that there are new formulations being researched and released every now and then. The benefits of antioxidants for acne has already reached the public and that’s why now we have topical creams made up of vitamin E and C delivering antioxidants directly to your skin.

But what about glutathione? It’s also an antioxidant. In fact, not just any antioxidant but the master antioxidant or the most powerful one that mankind has ever come across.

Glutathione is the overlooked antioxidant when it comes to the treatment of acne. But today, we are going to look into if glutathione actually works for acne control.

By now, there are over 1000 studies that have proven the health benefits of glutathione. Even after then, especially in Pakistan, people only use it for its skin whitening benefits, ignoring that their body is getting better from the inside too when they use glutathione.

But rather than just talking plain, we will look into real facts.


In this study, scientists gathered skin samples from two different groups; one with acne and one without it. The skin samples were gathered and analyzed for glutathione levels in both groups. The glutathione levels were measured not just in the skin but also in the acne lesions.

It was found out that acne-prone skin had significantly lower levels of glutathione. Not just that, subjects with acne had overall low glutathione levels.

This sums up that acne is not just a phenomenon caused by pollution and dirt and other external factors but a condition in which body has low glutathione levels. The study’s conclusion was, “We conclude that a decline in antioxidative activity led by a decrease in GSH quantity may play an important role in the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris”.


In another study conducted in 1984, 47 women with acne and 42 men with severe acne were tested for glutathione peroxidase levels. It was found out that acne men had substantially lower amounts of glutathione levels than their control counterparts.


In 2013, scientists took skin samples of 50 acne patients having a varying degree of acne (mild, moderate, and severe). The samples were compared with the glutathione levels of 40 controls, matching for age and sex.

The results of the study are interesting.

Patients having mild acne, had only slightly less glutathione than control counterparts. However, patients with severe acne had significantly lower levels of glutathione, 20% less to be precise. Even moderate acne patients had just below 20% lower glutathione levels.

Now that it’s clear that glutathione levels are directly linked with acne (lower glutathione levels equal more acne), we need to look for the best sources of glutathione.

Basically, sebum is the reason for acne. But not just the sebum, but the oxidation of sebum that causes an acne breakout. However, if there’s enough glutathione in the skin, it prevents the oxidization of sebum – that’s one reason why glutathione is called the “master antioxidant”.

There are endless reasons why you need to start taking glutathione supplements because it’s not just acne that it’s good against but dark skin also. There are clinical studies that prove the skin whitening benefits of glutathione. So when you use a supplement like NutraWhite glutathione pills, it’s a win-win for you.

Start your glutathione pills treatment today and get on the road of fair, clear-looking and younger skin in just a few weeks.

Glutathione is actually very effective for acne. Hear it out directly from our customer(s).



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