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Dimethyl sulfone has two main effects on diabetes mellitus:



First, it can enhance the synthesis and secretion of insulin and promote the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body, but it will not "squeeze" the secretion of insulin at the expense of impairing pancreatic function like insulin secretagogues, such as sulfonylureas and glinides, although these kinds of drugs are effective. However, after long-term application, the utility will be reduced or even ineffective, the reason is that our pancreatic function is "squeezed out"; but dimethyl sulfone will not, it is naturally effective and safe;



Secondly, it can promote the rapid healing of body injury. For diabetic patients whose wounds are not easy to heal because of the shortage of energy supply, dimethyl sulfone is a fairly good "healing product".



In addition, DMS can also eliminate viruses, strengthen blood circulation, soften tissues, alleviate pain, strengthen muscles and bones, calm the mind, enhance physical strength, maintain skin beauty and other functions, and can also treat arthritis, oral ulcer asthma, constipation, dredge blood vessels, remove Candida mycotoxin in the gastrointestinal tract. It is even used as a nutrient added to health care products to promote the health of skin, nails, hair, bones, tendons and other organs!



Above is an excerpt from the Metal Beetle article.



I understand that MSM can accelerate wound healing, which is irreplaceable for other products. It is well known that diabetic wounds are almost difficult to heal after being damaged, and there are no effective drugs. MSM can promote wound healing, rapidly increase insulin synthesis, no toxic side effects, absorption is also fast.


MSM配合氨糖使用是目前效果最好而且低成本的骨关节良药,这个值得推广。2018年全球MSM采购量增长30%,年采购量5000吨。像知名的MOVE FREE,单单京东订单量就超过16万剂,是被越来越多骨关节患者认可的。我相信一天国内也会使用到这个配方。另外美国当地药店,MSM,氨糖配方的产品,被放置在明显位置,这也凸显了其畅销和受欢迎。

MSM combined with ammonia sugar is currently the best and low-cost bone and joint medicine, which is worth promoting. Global MSM purchases grew by 30% in 2018, with annual purchases of 5000 tons. Like the well-known MOVE FREE, Jingdong alone orders more than 160,000 doses, which is recognized by more and more osteoarthritis patients. I believe this formula will be used in China in one day. In addition, local pharmacies in the United States, MSM, ammonia Sugar formula products, are placed in a prominent position, which also highlights its best-selling and popular.



The application of MSM in cosmetics will explode in the next 3-5 years. According to Korean customers, MSM has obvious effects in removing toxins, softening skin and improving skin surface environment. It can alleviate freckles and melanin invasion and play a protective role. In addition, in the long-term dry environment, MSM can increase skin vitality, prevent skin dryness and water loss. At present, MSM cosmetics are on sale in European market. This amount is about 100 tons, with more and more users and significant results, the use will increase year by year.


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Dimethyl sulfone has two main effects on diabetes mellitus: