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Oriental women's pursuit of whitening is eternal, businessmen continue to develop new raw materials to meet the huge demand for whitening. Today we are going to talk about the third whitening kit, phenyethyl resorcinol, which is a new whitening material developed in recent years. All the major brands in the world have launched whitening and whitening products containing this ingredient, which is one of the most widely used and effective ingredients in recent years.


What is phenyethyl resorcinol

For non - chemical professional xiaobai, see this name may be confused. It also has a name called SymWhite®377, there may be a few more attention to whitening products MM heard of.

Phenyethyl resorcinol has bisphenol structure, used in whitening products in the early years, whitening effect is good, poor safety of hydroquinone, is also bisphenol structure. Bisphenol compound, can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity, prevent the production of melanin, achieve the purpose of improving skin color.

This ingredient will be popular, and the shortcomings of traditional whitening raw materials have something to do with, traditional whitening raw materials need 1-2 months to see the effect, consumers have no patience to wait for so long, need to quickly achieve the whitening effect of the product. Phenyethyl resorcinol just meet this need, whitening speed, visual effect. Can better get consumer favour, satisfy consumer the whitening appetite that grows day by day.

Phenyethyl resorcinol

Phenythyl resorcinol, has excellent skin whitening effect, whitening fast, consumers like. One study reported one of the highest tyrosinase inhibitors, 22 times more than kojic acid. SymWhite®377 effectively inhibited the activity of B16V cells in the synthesis of melanin, 210 times that of kojic acid. It can improve uneven skin tone, reduce uv exposure to skin caused by dark skin. At the same time, it is also a strong antioxidant, has a good antioxidant effect, with excellent anti-wrinkle ability.

0.5% phenylethyl resorcinol has the same whitening effect as 2% hydroquinone, which is a rare whitening tool. In the formula, SymWhite®377 is generally used together with other whitening ingredients to achieve the best purpose of collaborative whitening.

SymWhite®377's powerful potential whitening effect has been clinically proven over the past decade. With a deeper understanding of its safety, it has been gradually recognized by various countries. China approved its application in skincare products in 2012.


SymWhite ® 377 stimulus

All whitening materials, are facing the irritant problem, SymWhite®377 is no exception. The allergy rate of this ingredient is not high, but when the skin does not tolerate it, a tingling sensation will occur. In our country, the maximum dosage allowed is another 0.5%. Normal skin usually experiences tingling in the range of 0.1% to 0.3%. This tingling does not last long and the skin will disappear after a brief acclimation. General skin won't appear red and swollen, pruritus wait for allergic symptom, just sting painful feeling is stronger. For people with a poor skin barrier, be prepared before using a product that contains this ingredient.

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Whitening agent: phenyethyl resorcinol